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Please submit roadtrip by filling out this Road Trip Submission Form. This will help us offer a super abundance of great, State-Specific Rides.

The founder is busy traveling and creating pages of each trip, but we sure would like to have your input too.

We'll sort out what you submit to us and add it to the site by creating a new page on However, we may need to take some creative license with your verbiage to better fit our style and format.

In order to create YOUR New Web Page we'll need just a few things entered into the Road Trip Submissions form:

Your first name or nickname

Valid Email Address

The State or Province where your trip originated and terminated.

Good directions of your ride for the map that will be included.

Descriptions of what was interesting to you on the route.

• Accommodations and Amenities.

Pick a unique name for your trip.

Link to Video

If you want to submit video, we recommend that you edit your files to 5 or 6 minutes and then upload them to YouTube.

After uploading to YouTube, click to play your video and then right click on your video and select "copy embed html". This is the html code that we'll need in order to include your video on the page that we'll create for you. Simply paste this link into the last section of the Submit Road Trip Form.

Please use the link below to submit your pics. If possible, reduce the file size of your pics to 100 kilobytes or less.

So that we can tell who's pics belong to whom, remember to email us from the same email address that you use on the Road Trip Submission form.

After your submission is reviewed, a brand new web page will be created with your specific ride and you'll be notified through the email address you supplied in the form.

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