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Check Out The Cigar Throttle

This is what Clive Brown of Farkle Garage.tv (He's the one in the video)  has this to say about the Cigar Throttle:

Here's a hot item. Cigar Throttle. A farkle to be sure. We are not endorsing smoking and we do not recommend anyone ride and smoke at the same time, but, if you want to keep her lit between stops, this baby will do the trick. Superbly built farkle I might add! What do you think?

Taking A Road Trip On Your Motorcycle Is

Always A Great Expedition!

This is the spot to View Mobile Videos and to see what others have done on their with their mounted cams. There's a lot of creative and interesting video to be seen here. Just click on the State you wish to view in the map below. It's a link to a State specific Road-Trip-Bikers Show and Tell page with Youtube videos.

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Here's where to learn how to Post your videos too. Just click on the "Submit RoadTrip" button in the Navigation Bar to the left. Located here are detailed instructions and forms.

For now, we'll accept links to your video submissions. After submitting links please submit Tales and Pics from your trips. Most of the content will be from local trips in your state, however - if you want- you can submit an entire vacation road trip too.

Pay it forward. Let others know about your trip. How was the scenery? Was it an exciting route with lots of steep mountain grades and curves or just rolling hills? Were there places to stop for fuel, food, or lodging? What about landmarks? Generally speaking, what made this trip special and exciting?

Traveling on two wheels is so much cooler than in a four-wheel, fuel efficient, econo-box, cramped nightmare. Besides, bikes are just as easy on gas as a compact car and wouldn't you rather be seen on your bike than in one of those?

Biker excursions are thrilling, exciting, and adventurous. In the wind is not just a fact, it's a metaphor.

Add it all up and that spells Freedom.

Freedom to get away for just the weekend to have a relaxing time or spend your whole vacation (2 or 3 weeks) on the road and really see places!

Well, Take it from a former Motorcycle Durability Test RiderIt's all good!

I've spent my vacations on the road for many years and I've learned a few things along the way. My experiences taught me how to do it efficiently. I learned to ask the right questions.

For example:

• What's the most useful equipment and gear?

• What is a Biker friendly motel?

• Should I plan everything or make it up on a day to day basis?

• Where are exciting places to visit in my state?

In my travels I meet many people and a lot of them ask me what that camera on my helmet or attached to my handlebar is all about. I explain that I'm capturing my whole trip on video. They get charged up and mention that they wanted to do the same thing! Like me, they thought to themselves... "I wish I could capture all this on Video." Well, that's what this site is about too.

We encourage you to capture video from your helmet cam or your cell phone. Then make a cool video using your favorite video editing software and submit links to it via the Road Trip Bikers "Submit Road Trip" Page.

Share those cool and memorable road trip experiences through video and pics.