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Michigan road trips take bikers through some of the most beautiful and scenic riding in the mid-west. The state is much bigger than you'd suppose and therefore takes a lot of time to get to the travel destinations that offer the best riding.

I'll give you an idea of the scale. A road trip from the Ohio border at the south near Toledo through the lower peninsula to Ironwood, which is the westernmost town in the upper peninsula is 645 miles!

Michigan Map

It's the 11th biggest state in America at 96,810 square miles and ranks as the 8th most populated coming in at almost 10 million residents. Michigan became the 26th state in the union on January 26, 1837.

There is so much to do and see here, but I think the most unique thing about is Michigan is water! It has the longest fresh water coastline than any other single political entity in the world. If you live here, you are

Michigan Boating

never more than six miles from a natural water source or more than 85 miles from a Great Lakes shoreline.

Gordon Lightfoot said it best in his ballad about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. "Old Michigan steams like a young man's dreams; the islands and bays are for sportsmen." It seems that almost everyone takes advantage of the water. Recreational boaters and fishers abound.

Michigan is divided into two peninsulas. The lower and the upper. The lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten that would fit on your left hand. This unique shape makes it easy to point out locations by using your hand. The lower is bounded on the west by Lake Michigan and on the east by Lake Huron and Lake Erie. There is also Lake St. Claire, bordering the Detroit area, but it's not considered a great lake. Lake Ontario is the only great lake that doesn't contact Michigan.

The upper peninsula is bounded by Lake Superior on the north and Lakes Huron and Michigan on the south. The Mackinac Bridge connects the upper and lower peninsulas over the straits of Mackinac. Known as

Mackinac Bridge

the "Big Mac" or "Mighty Mac", it's the third longest total suspension in the world. The total distance, including the approach ramps is 5 miles. The distance of the suspension is 8,614 feet. The two main towers soar 552 feet above the water make for a colossal sight visible from miles away. Ask any Michigander how far it is to the "Bridge" and they know exactly what you're talking about. Make sure to turn on your helmet cam for a spectacular travel video here.

Cross the "Bridge" and explore the U.P. There are many beautiful Michigan road trips in the upper peninsula too.

Pictured Rocks

One of my favorites is the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore which is near the site of the Edmund Fitzgerald Shipwreck.

The Edmund Fitzgerald went down 17 miles north-northwest of Whitefish Point, Michigan.

You can look out over the lake and imagine the fierceness of the storms in September that are severe enough to sink the 729 foot "Queen of the Lakes."

On a more happy note, if you've never seen the sunset over Lake Superior from here, then you are really missing out. It reminded me of watching the sunset from Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii. It looks like a giant fireball sizzling into the water.

It's stunning!

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