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Mississippi is the 29th state and was admitted into the union December 10, 1817. After the revolutionary war, the Mississippi Territory, portions of which were ceded by Georgia and South Carolina, was organized on April 7, 1798. It included what is now Alabama which separated in 1817.

The final state boundaries were settled just 9 months before statehood. It is bordered on the west by the Mississippi River. Across the river is Arkansas and Louisiana. About half of the southern border is also Louisiana. The other half is a narrow stretch of coast line on the Gulf of Mexico. Tennessee is to the north and Alabama is to the east.

The state capitol is located in Jackson. Named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, it is the most populated city in the state, with close to 175,000 citizens.

With the exception of the Mississippi Delta, which had been cleared for cotton in the 19th century, the state is mostly forest. The state is completely made up of lowlands, with the highest point reaching slightly over 800 feet above sea level.

The climate is considered humid subtropical and you sure feel it while riding in the summer months. Winter on the other hand is mild and average about 55 degrees F.

View of Downtown Vicksburg

So far, my favorite travel destination for Mississippi Road Trips is the city of Vicksburg.

Not to be missed, the Vicksburg National Military Park, is well worth the experience.

It commemorates the civil war defense of Vicksburg and the final surrender to Union forces on July 4, 1863.

This loss, coupled with General Lee's defeat at Gettysburg just a day earlier, was the beginning of the end for the South.

Interestingly, the city had not celebrated this national holiday (July 4) again until 1945.

A 16 mile winding tour road takes you through the park, where you'll see over 1370 monuments which recognize both Union and Confederate

Vicksburg National Military Park

efforts at strategic locations where small battles and skirmishes took place during the 47-day siege.

There is also a national cemetery for those who lost their lives and a partially restored Union Iron Clad gunboat called The USS Cairo (pronounced Care-o), which sunk after striking two underwater mines in the Yazoo river just north of Vicksburg.

It sat on the bottom of the river for 102 years until it was raised and restored in the 1960's.

Bikers pay a fee of $4.00 Per Individual

Hours of operation are: October - March: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. April - September: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

While doing some research for this Mississippi Road Trips page, I discovered a site that listed 10 scenic rides in the state. Click Mississippi Scenic By-Ways to go to the official Mississippi Tourism And Travel Information Page.

Here you'll discover many long and short scenic rides throughout the state.

I hope you get out there and enjoy these rides and don't forget to submit your youtube videos and stories.

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