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Road Trip Bikers, Traveling America’s Best Biker Highways

Fun and Interactive Biker site dedicated to sharing Road Trip Videos, Pics, and Stories of Motorcycle Adventures in the United States along with Maps and Directions to Great Rides!

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Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves that were road tested during a nationwide tour. Results: Outstanding!

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Utah Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of Utah Road Trips

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Monument Valley Ride

The Monument Valley ride is as amazing as you would expect.

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South Dakota RoadTrips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of South Dakota RoadTrips

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Mississippi Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of Mississippi Road Trips

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Virginia Rides

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of Virginia Rides traveling down the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Shenandoah Valley Ride

The Shenandoah Valley ride takes you from Waynesboro, Virginia to the Maryland State line on the south shore of the Potomac River.

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Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway ride covers over four hundred miles and two states. It is best completed in two days to allow for a leisurely ride with many stops.

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Emergency Tire Inflator

Emergency Tire Inflator and Repair Rips for your Biker Road Trip

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Arizona Centennial Ride

Arizona Centennial Ride marks the 100th year of Arizona Statehood. There were over 3000 (that's right!) Three Thousand Bikes participating in the ride.

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Arizona Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of exciting Arizona Road Trips for the motorcycle enthusiast

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Ajo Ride

This day trip is a long ride to Ajo Arizona via Florence, Oracle Jct,and Tucson. Returning through Gila Bend and Maricopa, expect to eat up the entire day on this one.

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New Mexico Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of New Mexico Road Trips

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Emory Pass Road Trip

The Emory Pass Ride was submitted on June 27, 2012 by Chief 2 Dogz as he traveled from Austin, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona. He delibrately chose the route over the pass because of the amount of twistie

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Kawasaki KLR Trip

Kawasaki KLR Road Trip through the Salt River Canyon in Arizona. The trip was submitted on June 16, 2012 by Chief 2 Dogz.

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Virginia Ride On The Blue Ridge Parkway

This Virginia ride is the final leg of the Blue Ridge Parkway from The Virginia/North Carolina State Line to Waynesboro, Virginia. There is a detour to downtown Roanoke to get cigars at Milan Tobacc

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Motorcycle Gear

Basic necessary motorcycle gear for your road trip

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Parkway To Virginia Ride

The Parkway to Virginia ride completes the North Carolina portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Virginia State Line. It starts out in West Jefferson, North Carolina and follows some back country r

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North Carolina Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of North Carolina Road Trips

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Eau Claire Ride

This ride is a cotinuation of a ride that started out in Bear Lake, Michigan and crossed the "Lake" to Manitowok, Wisconsin. This day ride ended up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Road Trips

Explore Wisconsin and check out Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of Wisconsin Road Trips.

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Biker Road Trip Technology

There are many cutting-edge technologies for road trip bikers these days. Here are a few Road Trip Technology favorites.

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Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and FTC Disclosure for

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Arizona Bike Week 2012

Arizona Bike Week Ride is one of many throughout the week. This one started at Paul Yaffe's Custom Shop and ended up at Westworld.

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Traverse City

The Traverse City Ride from Bear Lake, Michigan hugs the Lake Michigan Shoreline for excellent views. Traverse City is beautiful too. This trip will take most of the day.

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Roosevelt Lake

In yet another popular Arizona ride, you travel through Superior, Kearny, Hayden, Winkleman, Globe, and Roosevelt Lake. Then head back to Mesa down Beeline Hwy. Plan on the using the whole day.

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Tortilla Flat

Great Ride to Tortilla Flat Arizona. This popular ride doesn't cover many miles, but offers great views and things to do that can fill up a day.

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Natchez to Vicksburg

This is a ride from Natchez, Mississippi to Vicksburg. Not long in distance but in scenery. Make sure to take the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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The Garmin Zumo

Is Garmin the Best Biker GPS? Based on many reviews now and in the past, the answer is and continues to be...Yes

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Cortech Luggage

Cortech Makes a great two piece Tank Bag to pack a ton of stuff for a long trip or travel light with the smaller bag.

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Burlington Vermont Ride

The Burlington Vermont Ride starts out in Rutland. It is one big loop through Killington and Irasville and ending up in Burlington. The return trip is back to Rutland and covers a little over 200 mil

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SS Badger Shortcut

The SS Badger is a great shortcut between Michigan and Wisconsin and will save you time and miles. The trip takes 4 hours and saves over 300 miles.

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Biker Friendly Businesses

Businesses that are Biker Friendly. What to look for and what to expect.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Get the best motorcycle insurance coverage and supplemental roadside assistance before your road trip.

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Contact Us

Contact us with your thoughts and ideas for what you would like to see on Road Trip Bikers.

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Surefire Flashlight

Surefire makes a small, super bright flashlight that's perfect to bring along on a biker road trip

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multi tool

This is a small and handy multi tool that folds up like a swiss army knife.

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Kuryakyn Full Dresser Sissy Bar Bag

Kuryakyn makes excellent add-on luggage for bikes without bags.

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Motorcycle Rain Gear

Have you been soaked in the rain? If so, you need rain gear.

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Mustang Seats

Tired of Iron Butt? Are Mustang Seats worth it?

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Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmet laws are ridiculous but you still should wear one

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GoPro Hero Helmet Cam

This little camera is Awesome. It's a Helmet Cam made by GoPro.

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Camera Phone

Looking for a Camera Phone to Mount on your Bike? Here's a good one

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Devils Tower Ride

The Devils Tower Ride begins in Faith, South Dakota and travels to Devils Tower, Wyoming then back to South Dakota through Deadwood and Sturgis. The end of the day finishes out back at motel in Faith

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Michigan Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of Michigan Road Trips covering the Lower and Upper Peninsulas and including a trip across the Big Mack.

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Vermont Road Trips

Biker HD Videos, pics and tales of Vermont Road Trips

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Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone is the wild wild west. The town that's too tough die. Check out this ride.

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Favorite Motorcycle Intercom

There are many excellent intercoms for bikers. The Cardo Scala Rider motorcycle intercom is rugged and durable.

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