Surefire Makes a Small, Super Bright Flashlight!

I have the Surefire G2® Nitrolon® Single-Output flashlight with an incandescent bulb because sometimes I dislike the look of light from an LED bulb. It's small and stows away easily for any biker on a road trip.

The beam is definitely high-output! You won't believe how brilliant it is. I feel like I'm using light-sabre from Star Wars. Be careful not to look at the beam or you'll be

Surefire Flashlight

temporarily blinded and have your night vision impaired.

Mine has an ultra high output lamp with the precision reflector and it outputs 120 lumens!

All the pieces except the impact-resistant Lexan lens are coated with a light weight corrosion-proof material called Nitrolon®. The body is molded with a deep grid pattern to keep it from rolling on a flat surface and make it easy to grip. There is also a weatherproof O-ring to seal out moisture.

You can activate the light by pressing on the push-button tailcap for momentary light or twist to have it on all the time, but use it sparingly. It has about one hour of continuous use before the batteries run down.

Low battery life is a major downfall for any flashlight, but the powerful

Surefire Batteries

beam this light delivers makes it worth it. These batteries are designed to deliver maximum power and they have a 10 year shelf life. You can order them online from Surefire's website for $21.00 for a box of 12.

I developed a little trick to extend the life of batteries and it works. (Actually it was my friend Howard who showed me) Cut out a small piece of cardboard to fit between the battery and the tailcap spring. Sandwich it in there and screw down the cap.

This stops drain on the batteries and also eliminates accidental activation. However, it can make it difficult to quickly use the light because you'll be fumbling around trying to remove the cardboard in the dark. The choice is yours.

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